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Hello, my name is Socorro. I have been a member now at Fitness Xpress for over 4 years. When I first started at Fitness Xpress I was somewhat afraid to workout due to a back injury that I acquired. The staff and circuit training have helped me tremendously and my back injury has greatly improved. I truly love the cardio to include stretching, free weights and exercise classes. All of these have improved my overall quality of health and well-being. Now I hate to miss on day at the gym! I would highly recommend Fitness Xpress and invite you to try for yourself to improve your overall health and energy level. It has done wonders for me and my back injury.
Encouraging and professional are words that come to mind to describe Mary with the 6 Month Program. I am a 40 something person dealing with family and the everyday demands of owning a small business.Over the last six months, Mary has been instrumental in helping me analyze my health, set reasonable goals and work toward these goals.Mary realizes that there will be set backs along the way. She is not judgmental and shows genuine interest in me as a person. I look forward to continuing my journey to better health and reaching my goals

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Prior to starting my 6 Month program I did not have very much energy and was often tired. I was generally healthy but felt that I could feel/be much better. I consumed too much sugar. It caused my energy level to fluctuate up and down. What I liked about the program was that Mary moved at my pace. She was ALWAYS positive and encouraging. Mary worked with me to create a program geared to my needs. She was flexible and understanding when I veered to a different topic. Learning to read and understand food labels has been a great new tool that I use when deciding what to foods to purchase. Since completing the program I am conscience about what I choose to eat. I read labels and make better choices. This results in being healthier overall. I eat like my life depends on it- because it does. Adding lots of greens and fiber allows my system runs smoothly and I have almost totally eliminated sugar of any kind from my diet! I don't have the energy ups and downs that sugar caused. My last physical (which coincided with the end of the program) was great. Now I feel feel stronger, have more energy, and don't have sugar ups and downs. I am very happy I participated in this program. My next step is to continue to take what I have learned and make it a part of my everyday life. It is a big/wonderful lifestyle change.
The program already has impacted my life. As I stated earlier I have almost entirely stopped eating sugar and will eliminate it from my diet. I make much better choices in the foods I eat. I see food as nourishment that is needed not as something to stuff myself with until I feel uncomfortable.I know this program will help with my physical well being which will lead to a positive emotional wellbeing. It already has and will continue to grow and strengthen.I want to say thank you to Mary for always being there for me with her positive support, encouragement and focus. She has helped me more than she will ever realize.


Hi everyone, my name is Melissa and I joined fitness express 2 years ago. The first class I joined is Zumba its so much fun, you don't need dance experience just a positive attitude and motivation. The more classes you attend the easier the moves get and all the staff is very supportive. They offer a wide variety of classes and all the instructors are very nice and will help you in anything you need. I feel like I'm part of the fitness express family, because everyone from staff to other members make you feel this way. I had lost 45lbs in one year and kept it all off for a full year as well. Zumba has really changed my life in a positive way, that I even decided to became a Zumba instructor, its so much fun and I feel so energized after the class. The first step is to decide to make a change and start exercising the second is to join fitness express.


Who would have thought that at the ripe age of 54, I am a “gym junkie”. I love my time at the gym! After 1 3/4 years there, I am now incorporating the free weights and the medicine balls , along with the elliptical and the circuit, into my workout. The friendships I have established with the many wonderful ladies, and the knowledge and support from the staff, is a special bonus. It is all making it easier for me to be the best I can be. Thank you Fitness Xpress!!!!


My experience with 3 Month Program was a very positive experience. Being given the tools to achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle was life changing. Health being my number one goal, this program teaches you how to nourish your body,your mind and your spiritual self. I am now armed with all the tools necessary for a healthier and happy life.


When I started Mary’s 6 month program I had a fatty liver, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure and no energy and I was taking medication and my doctor was not happy. Since working with Mary I have made a major improvement in my health. I was able to make small changes over time to overhaul my diet and exercise routine. After 3 months my fatty liver had improved and my cholesterol had come down some. After six months I have lost 14 lbs., have much more energy, less stress in my life as well as increased confidence and self esteem. I even demonstrated at one of Mary’s juicing classes. Overall I feel much less bloated and much happier and healthier. I would recommend Mary to anyone. She is very patient as my English is not so good.


Hi, my name is Liz Seitz, and I am a Faithful Member of Fitness Xpress for Women. For several years now I have attended regularly, and have managed to create a routine of working out daily during the week, weekends off. There are several different methods of exorcise available to us at Fitness Xpress, there are Treadmills, Elliptical, and Circuit training equipment. And I used them all for a time. There are also special demo's monthly to get healthy ideas, tips and recipes for healthy eating, which have been very helpful too. But I have to tell you, for the last 6 months I have been so thankful for our New Cardio and Strength Training Class, each Mon, Wed, and Fri, at 7:30 am. Coach (Owner) Mary Hopperton runs the class, and for a little over an hour, we get our hearts beating, with cardio exercises, and we learn proper use of weights, and how to strengthen our upper and lower extremities. We learn balance. Then more cardio, then some core strengthening. It's all real powerful and educational. And it fits many different levels of ability, beginners and advanced alike. I am absolutely pleased with the results of the Cardio And Strength Training Class. After losing an initial 20 pounds since joining Fitness Express, these last 6 months I have had a Body Fat Loss of 3%. It was such a great feeling to find out how losing body fat is so much more important than losing weight. And it makes the classes so much more worthwhile. I look forward to many more Classes with Mary and the Girls. Thank you Fitness Xpress.


Hi friends of Fitnessxpress, My name is Pam Fischer and I have now been a member for two months. Not only have I lost weight but I have improved my core balance. Last July I had both my knees replaced and worked hard to regain my leg strength, not easy when your 64. The final step is to loss weight and gain better balance. Fitnessxpress is the best place in The Ramona area, and I have checked them all.Do this for your self and have fun with all the great friends you will make. See you on the Pacific Coast Trail soon.
Hello, my name is Socorro. I have been a member now at Fitness Xpress for over 4 years. When I first started at Fitness Xpress I was somewhat afraid to workout due to a back injury that I acquired.