• Cardio and Strength Training
    Body WorX & TRX

    This 50 minute class burns fat away with heart pumping with sculpting exercises. We encompass a variety of fitness tools! We also teach you how to use TRX® Suspension training. You’ll improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and energy levels while losing weight! Come sweat off the pounds!

  • Boot cMP
    Boot Camp Xpress

    This is a fun and effective 45-minute workout that will get your heart pumping! This class uses high intensity exercises that will help you reach your goals quickly! You will put forth energy that will provide the ultimate challenge, regardless of your fitness level. This workout uses variety of fitness tools including TRX®.

  • Personal Training
    Personal Training

    Designed for the client who wants personalized attention to help achieve goals faster, or who needs some extra motivation in getting there. We develop training for clients which allows optimization in regards to time spent in the gym. We offer a variety of personal training programs, from single sessions to a series of 10 or more.

  • Small group
    Small Group Training

    Personal training is offered to small groups with focus on cardio and strength training exercises. We also provide nutritional guidance at a more personal level to motivate, encourage, and support anyone who needs a little nudge is being as healthy as they can be. Also, don't forget that working in groups makes it more fun!

  • Diamond Divas
    Silver Divas

    Silver Divas is cardio, strength, and balance training specifically designed for the older client. This class was designed by professional certified personal trainers tailored for our members. It provides cardio, and functional strength training exercises that are personally designed for the older client. Come join the FUN!

  • Group of seniors in a Yoga Class
    Silver Stretch, FleX, and Balance

    This 45 minute class is designed for the older client. It combines stretching, and flexibility exercises that help alleviate tight muscles, and stiff joints. It is specifically designed to improve activities of daily living more confidently. This class can be taken standing or seated in a chair depending your fitness level.

  • Yoga

    Yoga has been used for centuries. This 50 minute class is meant to strengthen your body and mind. Yoga consists of stretching, strength training, and relaxation practices. Participants leave the class feeling relaxed and refreshed. Join us in empowering our health by using the mind-body connection to stay healthy!

  • Zumba

    Zumba is a 50 minute class featuring movements performed to Latin American dance music. This aerobic program will help you lose weight by incorporating fun dancing and cardio! Participants receive personalized assistance when dancing. Zumba class will let us shed pounds together while having a blast!

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage has been used for centuries to promote flexibility, reduce pain, alleviate headaches and soothe and relax the body. Massage can also promote healing and increase athletic performance. The following services are available: • Swedish Massage • Sports Massage Therapy • Deep Tissue Therapy • Reflexology

The friendships I have established with the many wonderful ladies, and the knowledge and support from the staff, is a special bonus. It is all making it easier for me to be the best I can be.