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Zumba with Angelica
18:00 - 19:00
November 24, 2014
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    • Good advice to heed as we enter the holiday season.

    • Excellent article. Could not have said it better myself. Agree with everything except I,m more into well balanced smoothies rather than juicing.. What do you think?

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    • Are you happy?

    • Very interesting reading. Take a moment to read this https://www.evernote.com/shard/s267/sh/567b5f44-f35f-4c46-a67e-ae288089b192/2e7cbb47238c2d44341da151aec52157

      12 Graphs That Show Why People Get Fat By Kris Gunnars| 1,413,267 views People are fatter and sicker than ever before. Obesity rates have tripled since 1980 and have increased particularly fast in ch...

    • OOPS!! No greens available today but the smoothie was great. The perfect fall smoothie. 1/2 grapefruit 6 baby carrots 1/2 avocado 3 celery sticks 1/4 cup raw oatmeal raw ginger (to taste) water and ice. Blend and enjoy. Did you "smoothie" today.

    • WOW11 If it were so easy everyone would be doing it.

    • You are as old as you feel. We are making women feel younger every day, lighter, more energy and looking HOT. Want some?

    • Save the date. Tuesday Dec 2nd from 6-8PM, shop for those special gifts. Candles, bags, home made goodies, jewelry and much more. Have some appetizers a a glass of wine, mingle with friends get your shopping done. Bring a friend or 2.

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The friendships I have established with the many wonderful ladies, and the knowledge and support from the staff, is a special bonus. It is all making it easier for me to be the best I can be.